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Weeny slots is a game with 5 reels and 20 slot lines. Reels can show with different probability 10 symbols: 7 symbols of common slot, Bonus symbol, Wild symbol and Scatter symbol. The aim of the game is to collect the combination of equal symbols of highest volume.

How to begin?

  1. Assign the «lines»: it will determine the quantity of lines, which you will place the bet on. The numbers of lines are shown on the left and on the right from reels. You may assign the quantity of lines clicking the Lines button in the game menu.
  2. Assign the bet, which is going to be placed on every line, clicking the Bet button.
  3. Tap Max button, to place the maximum bet on maximum possible lines and to launch the reels. Primarily taping «Max» button is choosing the maximal quantity of lines, after that, if it’s possible, the maximum bets are filling.
  4. Tap the Spin button to launch the reels. After stopping of reels, winning is counting according the payment table. Winning combination is the one, consisting equal symbols, from the first left reel and continuing to the right sequentially. Every combination, which begins from the columns in the middle, doesn’t count.

How to get free coins?

You may get the different number of bonus coins every four hours. Once a day you may get one more bonus in coins, launching The Wheel of Fortune. Also every day you get bonus coins for your friends. The more friends you have, the more coins you’ll get.

How to know how many points I will get for different symbols and combinations?

Open the payment table, taping the question mark button in game menu.

How to launch several slot-machines simultaneously?

Win more, launching several slot-machines. To do this — use the menu in the upper part of screen (transparent panel with some triangles). The function will be available upon reaching the required level.

How to open new slots?

New slots are opening for player upon reaching new levels. You can see the required level in menu of slots choosing.

How to use Auto Spin?

Tap Auto Spin, to launch reels with assigned lines and bets settings automatically. The function will be available upon reaching the sixth level.

What Bonus symbol is?

If three Bonus symbols are drawn on the reels, the bonus mini-game is launching. Tap the icons and get coins. One of the icons ends the game — you’ll get more coins, if you find it the last one.

What Scatter symbol is?

Scatter symbol gives small money bonus, if several of such symbols are drawn on any of reels in any line.

What Wild symbol is?

Wild symbol is replacing every symbol on the line, except Scatter and Bonus symbols. It allows to collect the combination with higher probability.

Why I can’t change the language in settings?

We apologize for these inconveniences, this setting will be available in next update.

Still have questions?

Watch for updates in our community on Facebook — we write everyday about the capabilities and peculiarities of the game. Also you may send a letter to our user’s support team at the following address: